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About People Homes 

At People Homes, we emphasize professionalism and efficiency. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality services and ensure consumer satisfaction. 

Plumbing problems are complicated. A small leak can flood your home with water and create inconvenience. We leverage advanced technology and expert techniques to minimize complications and provide a highly-efficient solution. One must not be negligent with their plumbing repairs and seek professional assistance.

It is often inconvenient to receive stones delivery later than expected. It can create discomfort, ultimately delaying the construction process. We emphasize greatly on consumer satisfaction and ensure on-time delivery of premium construction bricks.

A borewell facilitates proper water supply. However, it is a complicated process and requires expert adherence. At People Homes, we provide professional borewell drilling services. Our primary goal is to minimize complexities and ensure consumer comfort.

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Our services include plumbing, brick making, and borewell drilling services. Our goal is to provide top-notch services with concrete solutions. We highly value our clients and understand the importance of their time and money. We are a team of highly experienced professionals that leverage advanced techniques to yield exceptional results within the given time frame.


Plumbing Service

Experience advanced plumbing services backed by our years of experience. We excel at providing concrete solutions for all your plumbing requirements.

brick supply

Brick Supplier

You need not experience any hindrances in your construction work as we ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality bricks.


Let our team of professional drillers take care of your borewell requirements. We highly value consumer experience and ensure minimum inconvenience on their part.

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What Our client says


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Best Brick supplier in Lucknow

They provide good quality bricks unlike other Brick dealers in Lucknow that would charge you more for inferior quality bricks. I found People Homes Pvt Ltd. Bricks through google, at first I was doubtful but there customer dealing was really good and so I purchased bricks from them. Now my house is almost complete and I am happy that I used their bricks to build it.


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Best Brick Dealer

Over the previous ten years, People Homes Bricks have been a regular choice for our construction company. Their collection of incredible products is unmatched to none, and they provide flexible pricing options. There is always a sense of belonging and relationship with the people homes Team is simply outstanding. We highly recommend them.


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Best Plumbing Service Provider

People Homes Pvt Ltd is a very useful platform for Lucknow people. They have so many services included. Bricks supplies, Plumber, borewell service etc. Personally I have used their plumbing service on so many occasions like before parties at home etc. I find it very useful for so many tasks at home. I highly recommend it as it is a multipurpose site for all of us.