Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Well, we are here to offer the best and most affordable home repair services in Lucknow. So, we offer free estimates over email or the phone. However, if you want a quote in person, then you may need to pay for a trip charge, and it will vary based on your property.

How many experiences Do You Have in This Industry?

We have been working in the industry and providing our clients with the best Home services in Lucknow for more than five years. We ensure that the project is on-time, high-quality and on budget.

What Kind of Services Can You Perform?

As a leading home repair services Lucknow provider, we offer different services, like borewell, plumbing and more. In fact, we are the best borewell contractor in Lucknow. We also supply high-quality glass blocks and fly ash bricks at affordable prices.

Do Services Charges Cover the Spare Parts Cost?

Well, even though our service charges don’t cover the cost of the spare parts, we can offer you the spare parts at the market rates. The clients will have to bear the spare parts’ cost separately.

Do You Accept Appointments During Holidays and Weekends?

Currently, we don’t accept appointments during major holidays and weekends. However, we are expanding our business and planning to offer our services 24×7. For more detail, please feel free to give us a call.

Do You Charge by the Hour or By the Job?

People Homes charges only by the job. When you choose a task to do, we will offer you an estimate for a complete project. Well, this really benefits our customers, especially if the task runs for more days than expected. If you want to get your free quote now, you can simply fill up our online contact form.

What Types of Bricks do You Offer?

As one of the most reputed brick dealers in Lucknow, we supply different types of bricks, but the most popular options are glass bricks or blocks and fly ash bricks. We can also supply you with high-quality tiles at affordable rates.

What Types of Borewell Services Do You Offer?

When hiring the best and trusted borewell contractors in Lucknow, most people choose People Homes as we offer a complete service package. With us, you get borewell drilling, camera scanning, groundwater survey, borewell cleaning, tubewell drilling and more.

Do I Need to Provide the Materials Required for The Project?

You don’t have to worry about getting the materials for your room service tasks. We will arrange all the required things and complete the task on time. However, you will have the right to negotiate the cost of the materials. And we don’t source anything without your consent.

How Can I Pay for The Service?

We accept different payment options, but the preferred modes of payment are check or cash. Well, we also accept debit cards and credit card payments.

Is Your Business Properly Insured?

Yes, we would like to inform you that our business and the services we offer are fully insured, and we always focus on keeping your property protected. On the other hand, all our employees are also insured.

How Can Do One Schedule An Appointment?

We have made the process a lot easier for you. You can easily schedule an appointment with People Homes by either emailing us or calling us. We generally have availability within 1 to 2 weeks, based on the season. Sometimes, we may need to push your appointment until we are free to take your project.

What Are Your Borewell Cleaning and Washing Services?

People Homes has years of expertise in cleaning and flushing through high-pressure air compressors. This will effectively take out dust, raw water as well as decayed particles. Our company is recognized for its best borewell services Lucknow.

What Types of Plumbing Services Do You Offer?

If you want to enjoy the best and most affordable plumber service in Lucknow, you can always trust us. We offer professional toilet repairs, water heater services, drainage services, drain cleaning, leak detection and repair, plumbing system installation and replacement, monthly inspection and more. For your every plumbing requirement, you can get in touch with People Homes.

Do I Need To Make a Deposit?

Well, it will depend on the type of services you want. We generally ask for a deposit for costly projects. However, we also offer a refund facility.